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Advanced technological infrastructure, high quality human resources, superb distribution capabilities that allow us to go anywhere quickly, cutting edge leadership and the representation of international corporations - all these make Globrands the largest distributor of the retail industry in Israel using the highly acclaimed Van Sale System.


The Globrands Company was established in 2000 by a senior management team specializing in marketing and sales, who had previously managed the overall operations of JTI (Japan Tobacco International) in Israel.
The founding team decided to create a unique distribution setup that meets the exacting needs of multinational corporations in the tobacco and food industries. Having a keen, innovative business vision and maintaining high international standards quickly turned Globrands into the foremost retail distribution company in Israel. Today Globrands represents a variety of international corporations such as: 
JTI - Japan Tobacco International, BAT - British American Tobacco, Wrigly, Unilever


Utilizing superb technological and human infrastructure that is coupled with the Van Sale system, Globrands ensures that the corporations it represents will benefit from significant savings in time, money and managerial resources. The Van Sale method enables Globrands to assume the overall responsibility for every brand it markets, from the stage of import through the marketing setup and up until the final sale and post-sale stages. Remarkably, these outstanding results are achieved in a single visit to the retailers' points of sale.


Globrands' clients include large and famous multinational corporations requiring comprehensive and tailored solutions while adhering to international standards. The basket of services Globrands provides to its customers guarantees them professional solutions in a variety of areas, whilst each service is conducted in a transparent manner directly with the client while maintaining an open professional dialogue.


In over fifteen years of excellence and satisfaction from our clients and business partners we have learned to strive toward new goals and set a high bar for excellence for all the other distribution and retail companies in Israel. We invite you to read more about Globrands and contact us with any questions or additional information that you might have.



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Unsurpassed professionalism, reassuring strength and a complete service package – Globrands offers it all in a single place

So what makes Globrands stand out? Utilizing a superb technological and human infrastructure, coupled with the Van Sale system, Globrands ensures that the corporations it represents will benefit from significant savings in time, money and managerial resources. The Van Sale method enables Globrands to assume the overall responsibility for every brand it markets, from the stage of import through the marketing setup and up until the stage of the final sale. Remarkably, these outstanding results are achieved in a single visit to the retailers' points of sale.


Globrands is massively spread across the entire state of Israel to ensure that the brands it represents will be available at all points of sale: food chains, convenience stores, kiosks and individual selling points.

  • Globrands maintains a cutting edge technological leadership in its business class, enabling its employees to maximize the sales of various brands.
  • Globrands provides its employees with the industry's best working conditions and thus creates a cohesive team that possesses progressive and motivated sales and marketing skills.
  • Globrands maintains its operations constantly dynamic, thus guaranteeing its customers an exceptionally high level of service that is tailored to the requirements of the end consumer. Naturally, this active approach maximizes both the profits and distribution capabilities of every brand Globrands works with in Israel.

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Sales and Distribution

Globrands' sales and distribution structure is a smooth-running system, allowing us to handle many brands simultaneously with ease. Our sales layout utilizes a unique method that allows all our customers to benefit from a complete service and the peace of mind that their product gets the attention it deserves.


In order to enable this optimal service we have divided the distribution structure into two parallel divisions, tobacco and food. Both divisions share the support of the company’s logistics and management setups, and can therefore focus on a high level of sales tailored to their specific types of products while utilizing the entire company’s capabilities to the maximum.


The entire sales structure is controlled by the company’s headquarters and uses its services to manage its activity.


The products distributed by the company are directed to the distribution divisions as appropriate. Sometimes products are sold by both teams in order to maximize their potential.


As a leading company in the field of direct distribution in Israel, we do not stand still and continually develop the sales and distribution system which is the core of the organization. Nowadays, our dedicated sales and distribution team immediately responds to a variety of products, old and new, while maintaining international quality standards and providing comprehensive, inclusive and professional service.

Tobacco Division

The tobacco sales setup is the company’s main one. The team covers the entire market and reaches every relevant sales point, visiting them frequently. Although the team mainly distributes the tobacco products of the companies it represents, it also distributes additional products with sales and distribution characteristics that suit the division’s activity. The division has more than 70 salespersons, working in nine teams and three regions.

Food Division

The food sales setup was founded in order to enable the sales department to offer the company’s customers a high level of service tailored to food and confectionery products. This setup utilizes the extensive knowledge that has accumulated in Globrands and our expertise in operating an advanced Van-Sale system to provide service for our customers in the competitive field of food and confectionery. The team has about 14 salespersons supported by a full backup staff. The setup serves about 3,000 retail customers and is constantly expanding.

Around Israel in one week

Globrands provides a service to 11,000 customers in a variety of sales points throughout Israel. About a third of the customers receive a double service, both from the tobacco division and the food division. Each of Globrands’ salespersons visits the sales points in their field of responsibility and provides a direct service in the fields of sales and marketing – writing orders, supplying products, charging the customer, settling accounts, receiving payment, and the product’s visibility in the sales point. In this way they ensure the ongoing presence of the different products at the retail sales point, and that there will be no shortages there.

Important facts about the sales and distribution structure of Globrands

The Van-Sale system enables Globrands’ sales team to reach all the retail sales points in Israel directly, and to provide a comprehensive, available and professional service both to private retailers and to the organized marketing chains and to the large corporations that the company represents. Globrands' sales and distribution structure meets strict international criteria while maintaining a solid technological and logistical foundation, as well as a professional HR system.

Globrands' sales and distribution structure consists of 80 professional salespeople who regularly report to their sales managers. The managers are in direct contact with customers and follow directly the activity of the employees. Each sales manager is responsible for 7-10 salespeople.

Announcements to retail customers

Operations and Logistics

Operations and logistics at Globrands is the basis of the ongoing work of the company, and as such is one of the most developing areas in technological and managerial terms.
The "MARLOG" Logistics Center inaugurated in 2012 represents a qualitative leap, and enables Globrands to set new standards with regard to the logistics discipline in direct distribution.
The operations and logistics structure at Globrands is closely interrelated to each field of activity, and is acting as the growth engine and locomotive that affects the future of the entire company. This approach allows the creation of a professional chain of operations and sales, ongoing efficiency and standardization of work procedures while using the latest state of the art technologies.

Peace of Mind for our Business Partners

Our operations and logistics structure is composed of professionals who specialize in all the parameters required to create an efficient and timely supply chain. The team is in direct contact with its overseas partners and the relevant departments, can provide professional advice and to act in full cooperation with them.
The vast professional knowledge of the logistics and operational team creates significant savings in time and money, and enables meeting strict deadlines and precise scheduling for the brands that Globrands markets.

Among the various services provided by the operations and logistics team:

while meeting strict deadlines


Globrands' unique marketing structure enables its customers to benefit from a comprehensive and professional service. The company's marketing team is thoroughly familiar with the Israeli market, and allows the international suppliers to operate here worry-free. This is carried out while being fully acquainted with the different parameters affecting the local market and the various brands involved.
Globrands' marketing activity for the different brands is one of the cornerstones of working with international corporations. The marketing structure consists of leading experts who, on the one hand, know the Israeli market inside and out and know how to penetrate into it and bolster the status of various brands, but also, on the other hand are able to provide quality marketing answers to the ever-changing demands of the overseas suppliers and their marketing departments.
It is important to note that although Globrands represents a number of corporations and numerous brands, it maintains complete confidentiality with respect to new marketing moves in order not to disrupt the planned moves and processes. Our partners along the years know that their work with Globrands’ marketing people guarantees them both transparency and full confidentiality regarding competitors.

Globrands marketing network - meet the client everywhere

The marketing activity that Globrands uses provides its suppliers with a twofold advantage - ATL (above the line) activity, that includes advertising, sponsorship, market research and more, and BTL (below the line) activity, which includes guerrilla marketing, promotion strategy and retail marketing at the points of sale. Additionally, the marketing structure is responsible for the planning, budgeting and implementation of the various marketing programs in accordance with the principles and concepts of marketing designed by the international suppliers, while adjusting them domestically to the Israeli market.

A leading professional marketing team

Globrands has a marketing structure that is composed of Israel's leading marketing people, with high expertise and rich experience. The marketing teams here undergo rigorous, regular training within the company and by the international suppliers. Additionally, the sales promotion teams are responsible for the retail marketing that is carried out at the points of sale. They are managed by a team of marketing managers. The different teams are in charge of the operation and control of the retail networks of the international suppliers in Israel, and cover the key retail points which account for about 60% of national sales.

Points of Sale Activities include:

Visibility of products at the points of sale


We distribute the leading world brands

In the tobacco category the company holds the second largest share in the market. The companies and products that we distribute are among the leading brands in the world with increasing volume that are geared to a wide variety of market segments.

Globrands serves as the exclusive importer and distributor of JTI (Japan Tobacco International) products in Israel since February 2001, including the cigarette brands Camel, Winston, LD, More. Since September 2007, Globrands has also been the importer and distributor of BAT (British American Tobacco) products in Israel, including the Kent, Pall-Mall, Vogue, Rothmans, Lucky Strike and Golden Virginia brands.

In the food and confectionary catagory too the company represents leading multinational corporations such as Wrigley, Unilever and more. The knowladge and route to market Globrands has serves these companies in the building of their business in Israel.


Behind the advanced technology, quality service and high sales targets there are eventually people. Human capital is the most important resource in Globrands, and we are pleased to provide our employees with quality working conditions, a warm and supportive atmosphere and high professional standards.


At Globrands we know that the satisfaction of our business partners and customers depends, first and foremost, on the quality of our staff - from top management to the level of the sales and logistics team.
Our HR structure is a well-developed system where the needs of workers come first, allowing them to enjoy unique working conditions in the area of sales and distribution in Israel. Various processes, such as diverse activities in welfare, work evaluations, guidance and training, and more, are carried out systematically in order to create a satisfying work environment in which each employee sees the company’s future as his or her own.
In addition, the human resources department is responsible for creating quality work teams and selecting employees who will fit in, while adhering to the highest international parameters set by the company.
Each and every Globrands' employee is actually an ambassador of the company and the various brands it markets. The human resources department invites each employee to be an integral part of the company's success and to represent it and its partners and customers with dignity and a sense of real satisfaction.


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